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Hostelling International Finland’s hostels are part of the international Hostelling International (HI) network that covers approximately 3,500 hostels in as many as 90 countries. The 44 individual HI hostels in Finland are located across the country from the Åland Islands to Inari. The price/quality ratio is good, and you will only pay for the services you choose. The hostels offer rooms of various sizes. The most affordable type of accommodation is a bed in a shared room, or dorm.

Hostels are international meeting places. It is easy to get to know other travellers in the public spaces and share experiences. The staff will be happy to give tips on the sites to visit, events and services in the area. Hostels are well suited for people of all ages, both to individual travellers and groups.

In addition to accommodation, many hostels offer diverse recreational opportunities and programme services.

Kemijärvi has two companies that are members of HI; Lohen lomakeskus and Matkatupa Camping. Both hostels are located in beautiful surroundings next to water. Lohen lomakeskus is located on the shore of Lake Pöyliöjärvi in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Kemijärvi, and Matkatupa Camping is located in the Kemijärvi village of Luusua on the shore of Lake Kemijärvi, some 27 km south of the centre of Kemijärvi.