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The beautiful lake nature of Kemijärvi and surrounding Eastern Lapland fell landscape provides a magnificent setting for a variety of activities. You can have new experiences and introduce yourself to new leisure activities during your holiday. The Kemijärvi programme service companies provides activities all year round.

In the summer, you can go fishing on Lake Kemijärvi with an experienced guide. The fishing guide will show you the best fishing waters found at lakes, rivers and forest ponds.

You can boat along marked lanes by yourself. Diverse water courses are available for kayakers and canoers.

The Pöyliövaara fitness stairs were completed in summer 2021 and are a great place to test and improve your fitnes.

The Kemijärvi trekking trails let you enjoy the peace of nature and the outdoors. Several campfire places offers trekkers the opportunity to rest and have a picnic.

At the local horse farm, the calm and loyal Finnhorses offer experiences to horse enthusiasts in the summer and winter. In the same place, you can feed reindeer and go on a reindeer sleigh ride in the wintery forest in the winter.

In the winter, the snow invites you to enjoy a myriad of wintery pleasures. You can ski at Suomu, Pyhä or the town’s ski tracks. The Suomu and Pyhä downhill skiing centres are within an hour’s drive from the town. There is a skiing school at both centres, providing guidance to novices as well as experienced downhill skiers.

The wintertime ice invites ice fishers. Kemijärvi is a paradise for ice fishing. There are many excellent ice fishing sites. Fishing guides can show you the best spots and offer unforgettable experiences with this exotic pastime.

In Kemijärvi, art and culture are part of the experiences offered all year round. The summertime music festival, Kemijärven Yöttömät Yöt, gathers a number of well-known performers during July. Other events during the summer include Kemijärvi Days, Papatus Days, Kemijärvi Summer horse races, Perävaara dances etc.

The main events organised in the winter are sport-oriented and international, such as Snowcross, Giant and Yukigassen.

Local artists’ artwork is displayed all year round in Kemijärvi. They draw their inspiration from Lake Kemijärvi and the Lappish life. Art excehibitions are shown in Kemijärvi Culture Centre.

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