Downhill & Cross country skiing


Downhill and cross-country skiing are inarguably part of the pleasures of winter. Kemijärvi and its surroundings offers great opportunities for these sports. The season is long, at best five months from December to April. The Pyhä and Suomu skiing centres are located under an hour’s drive from the centre of Kemijärvi. There is also a convenient bus service from Kemijärvi to both locations.

A cared-for skiing track network serves skiers in the vicinity of the centre of Kemijärvi.

HiihtoPyhä, located next to the Pyhä-Luosto national park, has been a pilgrimage site for passionate skiers since the 1960s. Pyhä is a versatile yet compact and laid-back skiing centre whose slopes challenge experienced skiers and offer beginners a springboard to a new hobby.

The Pyhä-Luosto national park features a total of more than 150 km of skiing tracks, and the Luosto and Pyhä tracks are interconnected. A day trip from one fell to another is a comfortable experience for an accustomed skier - the return trip can also be made conveniently aboard the SkiBus service. Most of the cared-for tracks are suitable for both classic and skate styles.

The sheltered downhill skiing slopes of Suomu are located at the Arctic Circle, approximately 42 km from the centre of Kemijärvi. The northern side of Sumu attracts experienced skiers with black and red slopes. The good profile and runnability of the slopes offer enjoyable challenges from start to end. The front slopes and eastern side of the skiing centre are the best option for beginners and those just enjoying themselves, with the slopes being hidden in the middle of a pine forest, protected from the fell winds.

The Suomu skiing school offers guidance and experiences to skiers of all ages and skill levels. You can try a new sport safely under the supervision of an instructor. Even more experienced skiers can obtain new insights and tips to make the hobby more fun than before.



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