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For a traveller who enjoys fishing, Eastern Lapland is a land of opportunities, with the diversity of its water systems being beyond compare. You can fish from a boat on the large open waters of lakes or almost lake-like open waters of the large rivers. When fishing from the shore, the numerous forest lakes and ponds as well as rivers and streams offer their catch. The quiet waters of the larger rivers, lakes and ponds are also favourite places for ice fishing. Instructed and guided fishing is available all year round from the programme service companies of the area. Fishing licences are available for all waters, almost without limits. Fisheries sell permits for narrow areas and the large joint permit areas make it possible to fish with a single licence in the area of several fisheries. You can find more detailed information on the joint permit areas and the state’s recreational fishing sites from the sidebar of the site.

The type of licence needed for fishing varies depending on, for example, type of fishing and the fisherman’s age. Angling and ice fishing are non-restricted types of fishing, requiring no licence. The need for a licence on a case-by-case basis can be best seen on the following site:

Metsähallitus licences are also available online:

Joint licence areas comprising expansive areas have been created to make life easier for the fisherman. The Kemijärvi joint licence allows fishing in all of Lake Kemijärvi and the rivers above it all the way to Pelkosenniemi.

Kemijärvi joint licence area

Fishing equipment can be rented from Urheilu Sivakka

Kemijärvi fishing area

The fishing area is a statutory cooperation body that promotes the fishing industry in its area of operation. Water systems in a single or several municipality areas can belong to the fishing area, with them forming a consistent area in terms of fishing industry and it being appropriate to apply uniform measures in organising their fishing conditions. Finland has 223 fishing areas.

In addition to Lake Kemijärvi, the Kemijärvi fishing area includes water systems running to the lake and River Kemi in Pelkosenniemi and Salla.

Fishing licences are also sold by Joutsijärven kyläkauppa, licence sales also to the Hunajalampi recreational fishing area.

Minimum permissible sizes of fish

The new minimum permissible sizes of fish caught from natural water systems from 1 January 2014 are 68 centimetres for sea trout and landlocked salmon. The new minimum permissible size for landlocked salmon in water systems south of the 67º00'N latitude is 60 centimetres and in water systems north of it 50 centimetres. The minimum permissible size for grayling in water systems south of the 67º00'N latitude is 35 centimetres and in water systems north of it it remains unchanged at 30 centimetres.

The fish species in the Kemijärvi water area includes grayling, zander, pike, trout, whitefish, perch and vendace.

Welcome to have a good time at the Kemijärvi water area!