Hiking & Nature


Those looking for peace and quality of life will find a counterweight to the increasingly rapid rhythm of life today in Kemijärvi. Nature is always near in the town surrounded by forests and fells. Water dominates the town in its many forms. In the summer, the waves glimmer. In the winter, snow and ice make the landscape lighter and more spacious.

The trails and paths in Kemijärvi and its surroundings provide you with an opportunity for experiencing the proximity of nature and calm.

The nature of Kemijärvi means rugged mountains, the silence of the wilderness, lakes that go as far as the eye can see, rivers with their rapids, streams, lush forests and groves. Come and experience all of this in just one area with different kinds of services.

In the Kemijärvi area, tourists have amazing possibilities to spend some quality time in nature during all seasons of the year! Some plants and animals of Kemijärvi include the large pink, rosebay willow herb and the zander fish. It should be mentioned the funny ”wanderer of the East”, i.e., the Silene tatarica, a species that is part of the Kemijärvi’s flora.

The area where it grows, on the sandy banks of the tracks and roads of Kemijärvi’s town centre, as well as on the shores of lakes, is still probably the largest in Finland. The plant only grows in open sandy areas and it cannot endure thick lawn, for example. It has spread from the east alongside the border on the Russian side.

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