Kalkiaisvuopaja birdtower

Drive from Kemijärvi towards Salla and take a left turn towards Pahkakumpu (Pahkakummuntie). Continue for approximately 16 km. There is a signpost to the bird observation tower along the road, and you can leave your car in the small parking place on the left side of the road.

There is a walk of approximately 400 metres from the parking place to the bird observation tower. The trail has duckboards in bog areas, so rubber boots are not necessary when the weather is dry. The Kalkiaisuopaja bird observation tower is in good condition, and it can house a maximum of around ten persons. The tower is covered and has a table and benches. A good view of river Kalkiaisjoki opens from the tower. You can see, for example, cranes, swooper swans, northern pintails and wigeons from the tower. Other species that can be seen in the area include sedge warbler and reed bunting. You might also be able to see and hear common snipes in the area.

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