Kemijärvi-Pitkävaara mountain biking trail


Explore the Kemijärvi Landscape on a 15km long bicyclepath. The route starts from the center of Kemijärvi and leads Luusuantie road to Pitkävaara hill. Stop at the top of Pitkävaara hill and enjoy landscape of Lapland. The journey continues downhill towards Halosenranta and back to the center.

Leght: 15 kilometers

Level: medium

More information: Kemijärvi Outdoor trails can also be found in Nomadi mobile application and on the Internet at Search for "Kemijarvi".  Trail is closed during the winter.

Open Kemijärvi-Pitkävaara trail here.


Basic information
Languages spoken Suomi, English
Contact information:
Contact person Kemijärven Matkailuinfo
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Phone +358(0) 40 189 2050