Kotavaara Observation Tower

Drive from Kemijärvi towards Kuusamo 10 km. After Isokylä crossing, continue for one kilometre and then take a left turn towards village Puikkola. There is a signpost that says “näkötorni” (view tower). Follow the signs to get to the Kotavaara parking place.
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There is a steep walk of approximately 400 metres from the Kotavaara parking place to the top of the Kotavaara fell. A three-storey metal observation tower, which can be climbed at your own risk, stands on top of Kotavaara. The climb is rewarded with a magnificent view over Kemijärvi. You can also observe bird life from the tower and see cranes, for example. You can also see the Grey-headed Chickadee and other forest birds in the surroundings. There is also a lean-to and campfire place next to the tower.

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