Kulmunginniemi birdtower

Drive from Kemijärvi along Luusuantie towards Ranua for approximately 31 km, then take a left turn in the direction pointed by the Kulmunki and Itäranta signposts. Continue along Itärannantie for 900 metres, then take a left turn to Kulmungintie. Continue along this road for 1.6 km, after which turn to the left at the T crossing. The road runs along a narrow cape.

The bird observation tower is located next to the road on the left. The bird tower is not fully accessible, but Kulmunginniemi as such is also well suited for those with reduced mobility, as birds can also be watched from the ground level. There is also a lean-to and a slipway for boars located 150 metres from the bird tower. The bird tower is sturdy and in good condition, and it has a table and benches. The tower houses ten persons at a time. A view of the water system opens from the tower. Species that can be seen include loon, tern, various types of gulls, barn swallow and various aquatic birds, such as northern pintail or goosander.

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