Suomu-Tuulenpesä-Riutukka 12 km


Level: easy

Riutukka log flume and logging manor (savottakartano) are interesting sites and they give an overview of the logging industry in Southern Lapland. This site was operational from 1920s to 1950s and it was restored in 1992 by the locals and the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. "Savotta" was a logging project where local men went to work away from their families for a couple of months. This site has a 250 meter long log flume, a cabin for living, barn for horses, sauna and a cellar. The trail to Riutukka is easy to walk. It mainly follows the pine forest paths and forest roads. The last 500 meters of the trail goes through a swamp, so rubber boots are recommended.

Services: Hotelli Suomutunturi (+358207199120)

More information:  Hiking trails in Suomutunturi area can also be found in Nomadi mobile application and on the Internet at Search for "suomu".  Hiking trail is closed during the winter.

Basic information
Languages spoken Suomi, English
Contact information:
Street address Kotakuja 1
Postcode 98720
City Suomutunturi