Suomutunturi Peak hiking route 6,3 km

Ruska suomu.jpg

Level: moderate

Hiking trail to the peak of Suomutunturi offers stunning views from the top of the fell. The trail leaves from Hotel Suomutunturi after which it will rise towards the top of the fell following the ski slope. After the peak is reached, the hiker will continue to the back of the fell, where the trail descends gradually towards the starting height. One can leave the trail to visit Nurkkalampi lean-to where it’s possible to eat your own packed lunch. The trail continues along a skiing track towards Eastern Suomu where another lean-to is located. The last stage follows the edge of Suomutunturi, until you arrive back where you started from via the East-Suomu road.

Sights: The views from the top of the fell.

Services: Kelokota-building, Nurkkalampi lean-to, East-Suomu lean-to. Hotelli Suomutunturi (+358207199120)

More information:  Hiking trails in Suomutunturi area can also be found in Nomadi mobile application and on the Internet at Search for "suomu".  Hiking trail is closed during the winter.

Basic information
Languages spoken Suomi, English
Contact information:
Street address Kotakuja 1
Postcode 98720
City Suomutunturi