Ulkuniemi nature trail

The Ulkuniemi nature trail (old cattle trail) offers diverse water and bog scenery and magnificent boreal forests dominated by pines. The route starts from Luusuantie, in the immediate vicinity of the fine swimming beach of Ulkuniemi.

The first part of the route runs along a path and road to the old cattle path along which the route does in fact travel most of the distance. At approximately 1 km, the route crosses a bog area with Lake Kemijärvi glimmering on both sides in the horizon. Halfway through, the route crosses Reinikanpesäntie, following it for a while. From here onwards, the route continues along the old cattle trail up to crossing a bog and ditch, where it diverges from the old cattle path up the hill towards the Sarvilampi break place. It is also possible to set off to the nature trail from Reinikantie. The starting point of the route at the Ulkuniemi swimming beach has a lavatory. There are also four geocache by the route.

Route: Ulkuniemi swimming beach - Sarvilampi

Length of the route: 2.5 km

Rating of the route: Easy

Purpose of the route: Walking trail

Contact information:
Contact person Kemijärven Matkailuinfo
Email address info.visit@kemijarvi.fi
Phone +358(0) 40 189 2050