Suomu is located in the municipality of Kemijärvi. It is a legendary fell that lies by the Arctic Circle, with a summit elevation of 409 metres. The fell development began in the 60s, when the its first elevator and café were opened. The jet-sets of the 60s soon took over Suomu and the fell was used both for skiing and other leisure purposes. Travellers would come to Suomu attracted by different activities - the fell was popular both in summer and winter. During the 70s, the HotDog ski style was common in Suomu, which was later developed into freestyle skiing. The authentic and original hut can still be found in the surroundings of the Arctic Circle.

The best slope profiles of Finland nowadays can be found in Suomu, which meet the expectations of even the most exigent skiers. There are accommodation offers to suit just about all tastes - from amazing hotel rooms and luxury cottages to simpler alternatives. The program services have offers to everyone, from small to big families alike and, of course, in all seasons of the year. Comprehensive town services can be found, in turn, at the municipality’s centre, Kemijärvi, no more than half an hour’s drive away from the fell.

In Suomu, you will enjoy a sense of wilderness - yet so close to everything. Come, experience and enjoy the real Suomu!

Suomutunturi fell has 70 km cross – country trails, of which 17 km has lights. These ski trails are maintained throughout the winter season. From Suomun mökit you´ll find a cozy and warm place to stay.


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