Winter program services


Local guides can give you an introduction to the beautiful scenery of Kemijärvi on a variety of trips. A wintertime trail riding trip, snowshoe safari, winter fishing or, say, enjoying the silence under a lean-on around a campfire with hot beverages, sounds nice, doesn’t it?

According to old tales, the northern lights were originated when the tail of a fox touched the snow while it was running across the sky. With it, sparks were then created, which were seen in the sky as colourful light effects. Nowadays we know that the phenomenon is created when electric rays emitted by the sun hit the Earth’s atmosphere. Whatever the explanation for the origin of the northern lights is, the phenomenon is breathtaking. Kemijärvi has numerous spots right in the town’s centre, where the northern lights can be easily appreciated. If the sky is cloudy and it is impossible to see the natural phenomenon, you can go to Valokammi in Jaakonkatu, where you can enjoy Vesa Särkelä’s pictures of the northern lights.