Outinen Horse and Reindeer Farm


Our Outinen farm offers you many different opportunies by finnhorses and reindeers. In our Riding School we have riders from the local area reaching around 130km from farm, that`s  why the coffee pot is hot for visitors every day.

Take a moment for yourself and come to visit our animals, they are all friendly and we have the original Lappish lifestyle, no rush.

The most important thing in our business is the respect for the animals and we provide them species-specific life style.

Safety is also a priority and that is why beginners also have a choice of taking a shorter trail.

At Outinen horses can also be out of the stables all year round and they live in groups.

To save the unique Finnhorse, is the reason for our breeding program. Every summer you can meet new foals at Outinen and we are a step closer to save this beautiful and wise horse breed. Sometimes one falls in love with one of our horses; one finds the horse of their life at Outinen and when we can see the perfect match, we are happy to sell the horse to a new home.

Welcome to Outinen to feel the Lappish spirit!

Contact information:
Contact person Mia Lappalainen
Email address mia@offpisteadventures.com
Phone +358( )040 963 9807
Homepage http://www.offpisteadventures.com/
Street address Sodankyläntie 1007
Postcode 98100
City Kemijärvi