Welcome to snow adventures and safaris in Lapland. Let your adventure to wonderland of snow begin while you feel the magic of Lapland. All you need is the will for the relaxing adventure and we will take care of the rest. You will be making a journey to this magical and unforgettable wonderland. We are located in Northern Finland and we specialize in snowmobile safaris, snowmobile rentals, snow adventures, reindeer and husky rides.

NORTHERN LIGHTS::: (aurora borealis)

It is your life time chance to see The Northern Lights. We can not promise anything. The Northern Lights is an irregular natural phenomenon, but here your chances of seeing the North Polar Lights are the highest.


Our Location is Pyhätunturi, Finland. Pyhä is a premium ski area in the northern Finland which is often called as Lapland.


- Locations in Lapland Northern Finland

Our closest cities are Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi has an international airport.

airport: The closest airport is in Rovaniemi... about 1.5 hours away by taxi, buss or car.

Train station: The closest train station is in Kemijärvi. From Rovaniemi station you can take a ski buss or we can prearrange taxi for you to Pyhä.

ski buss: You can take a ski buss from Rovaniemi train station or airport to Pyhä..


We are premium adventure and safari provider with long history in the tourist and snowmobile business going back as far as to 1970s. Our staff is well trained and certified to serve you and your company. it is absolutely our priviledge to make your trip unforgettable. we don't just do our job, we also enjoy doing it as much as you will enjoy being part of it.


-Snowmobile Rentals

-Snowmobile Safaris

-Transportation to Russia

-Snow Adventures: Reindeer and husky rides

-Amethyst mine tours

-We can provide a charter ride to our location and back to the Rovaniemi Airport or where ever your wish to travel.

-Lodging is available right by our location while you stay here.


Season starts as soon as we get enough snow to open the trails, usually in the beginning of December and will end when the snow melts off the trails, usually sometime in April.

Safari and Tour season is from beginning of December ----> end of April


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Snowmobile Safaris Pyhä

Pyhäntie 2030

98530 Pyhätunturi


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Contact information:
Phone +358 40 778 9106
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