Attractions & Places to Visit

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Welcome to a town that makes you naturally happy. The clear waters, pure nature and distinctive lake villages will ensure the refreshing effect of your stay. Discover the peace and quiet of a lake town at the Arctic Circle, amid the finest fell resorts of Lapland.   

Art, history, shooting locations of the Taivaan Tulet TV series and wax figures of Rauni, Jetsu and Aimo, as well as many other things to see and experience.

In the Local Museum, you can learn about peasant life at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and traditional sources of livelihood. The museum area features an impressive main building, granaries, smoke sauna, cowshed, stable and forge.

Isäntä Matin jälleenrakennusmuseo (Reconstruction Museum of Matti the Land Keeper) presents life in Salla in the 1950s. The museum is located in the Tasala house from 1948, built by Edla and Matti Niemelä according to the drafts of the Farming Society Association.

The Snowmobile and Sawmill Museum in Kemijärvi has a unique collection of snowmobiles, from the past to the present day. Additionally, there are almost 400 different chainsaws on display.

The Eastern Lapland Historic Military Sites website allows you to plan the content of your holiday trip or learn about the military history of the region in your home. You can visit an individual site, tour the sites in a specific municipality or take a military history tour across all municipalities!

Kotavaara Observation Tower offers a great view and gives you a good idea of how expansive a watercourse Lake Kemijärvi, surrounded by fells, is.

The Kuumalampi park area walkways are excellent for the entire family’s outdoor activities, enjoying the scenery and observing birds.