U.K. Kärri

Urpo Kalevi Kärri is a sculptor born and raised in Lappeenranta, who moved to Lapland in the 60s. In Lapland, Upi Kärri is particularly known for his numerous public sculptures.

Upi has extensively employed pine logs as material, but other materials, such as snow and ice, as well as steel and glass, are also important for him. The topics are about the nature, tales, history and philosophy originated from Lapland. Among other things, Upi is known in Kemijärvi as the father of the Woodsculpting Weeks, as the delegate of Kemijärvi cultural foundation and as the founder of Kemijärvi Artist Residence. The works of sculptor Upi Kärri can be seen in many different places in town.

Contact information:
Email address info.visit@kemijarvi.fi