Maps and brochures

Here you can view maps and informative brochures about Kemijärvi area.

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Kemijarvi and Suomu fell Map



Kemijärvi - Shores of Happiness


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Experience Kemijärvi




Citynomadi - Application

A Free Nomadic app to view routes from your phone.

Kemijärvi - Snowmobile tracks, hiking- and crosscoutry skiing tracks on mobile device. Look all routes here>>

Download Nomadi is also available from the application store on your Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Open the application, press the magnifying glass on the top right corner and search "Kemijarvi" or "Suomu".

Select a route and download it by pressing the i-icon. After downloading the map to your device, you can close the mobile dada from your phone.

Positioning reguires the GPS signal, which consumes teh battery power very guickly.