Restaurants & Shopping


The local delicacies of Kemijärvi come directly from its waters and brushes. Taste the local fish delicacies, such as pike or zander, or enjoy tasty berries directly from nature. You will recognise local specialities and products easily by the Made in Kemijärvi symbol.  

Kemijärvi’s most important commodity back in the 17th century was the dried pike. The Kemijärvi Lake is still considered as the best place for pikes in Finland. Of course it is possible to catch other kinds of fishes from the Kemijärvi Lake, such as whitefish, perch and lake trout. In addition to this, the world’s northernmost native pike population lives in Kemijärvi. Fresh fish and other natural ingredients are the best part of the local cuisine. The delicacies from Kemijärvi are prepared according to the traditions from local and pure raw materials. Welcome to indulge yourself in Kemijärvi!

Kemijärvi has numerous possibilities to offer in terms of spending time and enjoying yourself! Travellers can pamper themselves with traditional treatments, such as peat sauna, foot care or reflexology in a naturally beautiful countryside. In the pools of Poukama Spa, all travellers, from children to adults, can have joy and fun in the water. The shopping possibilities in the town of Kemijärvi are simply unique! The town has many specialty shops, whose selection will please both local residents and tourists alike. We also have a culture of service in place.

Travelling in a private car allows travellers to plan routes and take breaks during the trip as they please. The city centre of Kemijärvi is also a great place to take breaks for people travelling by car. We do not charge parking fees and there are no parking inspectors.