Kemijärvi - a lake town surrounded by forests and fells

Welcome to Kemijärvi! This original and boldly ”retro” mountain town, surrounded by lakes and with a glowing sky, offers amazing amusement and leisure possibilities to travellers, as well as different shopping alternatives throughout the year. As a counter-balance for the busy and accelerated life rhythm, Kemijärvi offers peace and quiet, as well as quality of life.

The nature surrounding Kemijärvi is the perfect scenario for fishing, hunting, boating or even for a couple looking for hiking. We are proud of what we are. The unique character and local culture of the region can be seen in the several events organized in the area throughout the year, as well as in the near-by villages, their history and stories. Just about half an hour’s drive from Kemijärvi, by the Arctic Circle, lies the legendary Suomu Fell, whose services meet the expectations of even the most demanding travellers.

One way to get to know Kemijärvi is through the Taivaan Tulet drama TV series. The series have already hooked viewers for years by offering a fantasy journey to the borders of the real and imaginary worlds. Come and experience Taivaan Tulet and the multitude of events in the series against the magnificent backdrop of Kemijärvi’s scenery!


Snowcross race

The new year starts with the Snowcross race in January. There is a suitable category for everyone to race for the championship.

Giant - Snowmobile enduro 6. - 7.3.2015

Snowmobile event beyond compare in Kemijärvi. The two-day snowmobile race is here again.

Yukigassen 27. - 29.3.2015

The European championships in snowball fighting will be arranged for the 19th time at Kemijärvi. Welcome to compete and have fun in Kemijärvi.

Kemijärvi Days 26. - 27.6.2015

Lots of activities for all ages during the traditional Kemijärvi week.

Old Smokey Machines Event coming June 2016

A journey in time from history to the present. There are many old things and some new things to see at the Papatus Days event. You can also sample local treats.

Kemijärvi Woodsculpting 22. - 28.6.2015

The 20th International Woodsculpting symposium. Come and feel the atmosphere when international sculptors are carving sculptures of wood.

Kemijärven Yöttömät Yöt Music Festival 2. - 5.7.2015

The new Lapland music festival gathers Finnish top artists to Lapland in July!

The performers and programme of the music festival will be announced in more detail during the spring and early summer. Kemijärven Yöttömät Yöt will also offer diverse free-for-all events around the town from Thursday to Sunday.

Pike Week 16. - 18.7.2015

In times gone by, everyone caught, ate, dried and sold pike. Welcome to the excellent pike waters of Lake Kemijärvi and pike dishes prepared by local restaurants.

Kemijoki Experience 16. - 18.7.2015

Enjoy the river Kemi by rowing or paddling! The event is about travelling the Kemi river for slightly over 100 km between Savukoski - Pelkosenniemi - Kemijärvi - not in a hurry, but enjoyably. The northernmost tour rowing in Finland invites you to join already for the fifth time.

Ruskaswing 2. - 5.9.2015

Swing and rhythm music and natural atmosphere at Pyhä and Kemijärvi, where the fabulous Lapland autumn colours will provide a magnificent backdrop for relaxation and enjoying music. Located in Pyhätunturi and the town of Kemijärvi.

Christmastime opening 28 November 2015

It is time to find the magic of Christmas and the time of peace. The Christmas opening will start on the Taivaan tulet square.

New Year’s reception 31 December 2015

What will the year 2015 bring? Let’s celebrate New Year together on the Taivaan tulet square, cast New Year’s tin and foresee the new year.