Cottage Villages

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A cabin village is a good option for the accommodation of even larger groups, as they offer several cabins of the same quality level located close to each other.

Lohen lomakeskus is a cabin village on the shore of the beautiful Lake Pöyliöjärvi, within walking distance from the centre of Kemijärvi. At Lohen lomakeskus, travellers are close to the town’s services while sensing that the wilderness is almost within arm’s reach.

The cabin village of Matkatupa Camping is located at the Arctic Circle in the village of Luusua, with cabins available for rent in the summertime. Matkatupa Camping is located on the shore of the fish-filled Lake Kemijärvi. Matkatupa’s large flat lakeshore lawns and playing fields also make it possible to organise a variety of camps there. The beach allows enjoying nice summer days with water play.

Suomun Villat is a modern cabin village on the Suomutunturi fell. The cabins are decorated in Scandinavian style and offer luxurious comfort next to the services of the fell centre.