Lapland’s atmosphere with lake landscapes. Kemijärvi is located north of the Arctic Circle and is an ideal and easily accessible destination for an active person or a true lover of the nature of Lapland. Welcome to Lapland’s lake country to experience good life.  

Welcome to Kemijärvi! This original and boldly ”retro” village, surrounded by lakes with a glowing sky, offers amazing amusement and leisure possibilities to travellers, as well as different shopping alternatives in small boutiques throughout the year. As a counter-balance for the busy and accelerated life rhythm, Kemijärvi offers peace and quiet, as well as quality of life.

The nature surrounding Kemijärvi is the perfect scenario for fishing, hunting, boating or even for a couple looking for hiking. We are proud of what we are. The unique character and local culture of the region can be seen in the several events organized in the area throughout the year, as well as in the near-by villages, their history and stories. Just about half an hour’s drive from Kemijärvi, by the Arctic Circle, lies the legendary Suomu Fell, whose services meet the expectations of even the most demanding travellers.

One way to get to know Kemijärvi is through the Taivaan Tulet drama TV series. The series have already hooked viewers for years by offering a fantasy journey to the borders of the real and imaginary worlds. Come and experience Taivaan Tulet and the multitude of events in the series against the magnificent backdrop of Kemijärvi’s scenery!